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Evergreen Asset Management

Evergreen Asset Management was founded in 1988 by John Voigt.  I joined John as a principal of the firm in May of 2011 after a 24 year career in the financial services industry, including the last 10 years with Russell Investments. To live and work in Gig Harbor is a dream come true.  Our mission is to simply bring clarity to our clients with regard to their financial future.  We engage our clients in a process that allows us to discover what’s important to them.  And through this we give our clients and their families the ability to be absolutely clear on what is possible and probable with regard to their financial future.

Why I am compelled to support Race For a Solider…

My wife Amy is running in The Race For a Solider and told me about the purpose behind the race.  I read about Kyle and the work Leslie and others are doing.  You can’t talk to Leslie and not be motivated by her spirit and work to honor her son by helping others. My dad served in the military for 23 years and I grew up as an Air Force brat.  I know what it means to say bye to your dad knowing you’re not going to see him for a year. I know the unbelievable excitement when he comes back.  I have no idea what it’s like when they don’t come home, or when they do make it back and can’t shake the things they’ve been through.  None of us can begin to imagine what that’s like, but we can do our part to make sure that EVERYTHING possible is being done because in many cases they have given EVERYTHING.