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Course Marshall

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As a Volunteer Operations Member you are responsible for helping and guiding the runners. You are to help and direct drivers of vehicles from driving into runners. Safety is a priority to both vehicles and the runners.

  • Please arrive on time and dressed appropriately for the weather.
  • In some cases drivers will absolutely need to be on the course. Ask them to drive slow and yield.
  • Be safe and stay off road, stand on sidewalk but be visible to traffic and runners.
  • This event would not happen if it wasn't for our V-OPS TEAM, So Thank you!!!
    *Please wear your V-OPS TEAM shirts so runners see you clearly.

After being assigned a position, download the appropriate file for more information:


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T-shirt is an adult short sleeve, men's sizing. They are soft cotton spun blend (will slightly shrink after washing/drying). If you wear a women's medium then sign up for a men's small.